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10 Places in Your Home You’re Forgetting to Clean

You’ve cleaned the windows and changed the linens. You’re in full spring-cleaning mode and your home is feeling fresher than ever. But is it really? We’ve curated a list of the spots in your home that are most often left off the spring-cleaning list. So put on your favorite playlist and open the windows! It’s time to get cleaning!

1. Washing Machine

It seems like the washing machine should always be clean, doesn’t it? But over time it can gather build-up and cause your clothes to smell not-so-fresh. Every washing machine is different, so make sure to find the cleaning method that’s best for yours. For most washing machines, you can use a mix of white vinegar with baking soda on the machine’s hottest cycle. Always remember: to keep your washing machine fresh and clean longer, leave the lid or door open between uses!

2. Dishwasher

Yet another appliance that seems it should stay permanently clean, your dishwasher can accumulate hard-water deposits, soap scum and clogged food debris. To clean out your dishwasher, run a cycle on hot with a cup of white vinegar on the top rack.

3. Under Your Appliances

Those large appliances aren’t easy to move, which is why the areas behind and beneath them is so often overlooked. However, taking the time to properly clean under your appliances can help prevent pest and allergies.

4. Ceiling Fans

Overtime, the blades of your ceiling fans collect a layer of dust (especially the ones in your bedrooms). To prevent that dust from falling onto tabletops, mattresses, and other surfaces, put an old pillowcase over the fan blade to wipe the dust off and into the pillowcase. This method is quick, easy, and mess-free! Repeat this process for every fan blade. Once most of the dust has been knocked off with the pillowcase, you might prefer to then go back over each blade with an all-purpose cleaner.

5. Shower Curtains Liners

Plastic shower curtain lines can collect mildew, dirt, and soap scum. Instead of tossing a dirty liner in the trash and buying a new one, try combining it with a batch of towels, laundry detergent and baking soda.
6. Trash Cans

Your trash can is host to hundreds of bacteria per square inch. Not to mention, it likely omits an unpleasant odor despite how often you replace the trash bag. Make sure to scrub and deodorize those trash cans as part of your spring-cleaning checklist!

7. Coffeemaker

You may clean your coffee pot regularly, but what about the coffeemaker itself? To really give your coffeemaker a super deep clean, run a cycle of equal parts white vinegar and water through it. Then run another cycle with water only to eliminate any lingering vinegar. It might not be the most pleasant smell, but this process will also help decalcify the machine and keep your coffee tasting its best.

8. Door Frames & Baseboards

The tops of your door frames can collect a lot of dust, and because the area is out of sight, many of us neglect to clean it. Your baseboards are another spot that often goes unnoticed. They might look perfectly fine from afar, but up close you’ll notice a different story. One of dust, scuff marks and grime. Make sure to give these areas some TLC when you’re doing your spring cleaning.

9. Curtains

Most curtains are machine-washable and dryer-friendly, but double check yours just in case. Throughout the year, things like dust, pollen, and cat fur (it must be nice to sit in a sunny window all day) will build up on your curtains. Give them a good vacuum and then toss them in the wash!

10. Throw Pillows

You likely wash your pillowcases and sheets as part of your regular cleaning routine, but how often do those throw pillows get washed? Just like any other linen in your home, throw pillows can collect dust, dirt, food, and dead skin. Vacuum up the dust or dander with a handheld vacuum and spot clean any stains. Some throw pillows are machine washable, so check to see the best care for yours!
We hope this will help you get the nooks and crannies of your home extra clean and fresh for the spring!