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The 5 Best Podcasts for Apartment Dwellers

There seems to be a podcast for just about anything you want to learn about or listen to, and that includes tips and inspiration for apartment dwellers!
From finance tips to DIY tips, here are our picks for the best apartment podcasts!
  1. Apartment 26

Hosted by roommates Jordan and Donny, Apartment 26 is a podcast about the stuff in their New York City apartment—how they find it, where they put it, and why they’re into it.

With episodes like Thanksgiving in a Tiny Kitchen, Reduce, Reuse and Home Office 2.0, there’s so much great content for any apartment dweller, but especially those who live in smaller spaces and urban environments.
Check out Apartment 26 if you’re looking to save money by thrifting, or you just want some tips for making apartment life easier!
  1. Millennial Money

Millennial Money offers finance tips to help young people save, whether they are flat broke or have already made some profess towards financial freedom.

Hosted by Certified Financial Planner Shannah Compton Game, the podcast aims to help listeners uncover their money story to see past the numbers to unlock the lives they want to live.

Each week, Game talks with special guests from around the world about money wellness, entrepreneurship, traveling like a boss, and what makes millennials tick. By sharing stories from different perspectives and walks of life, listeners discover what works for them.
  1. Burnt Toast

Sharpen your kitchen skills and you brain with Burnt Toast. During each episode, host Michael Harlan Turkell explores a different aspect of food culture and community.

For instance, the episode Spice is Nice, the appeal of some of the world's spiciest foods is explored. “Are we addicted to danger? Do we just love sweating while eating?”
  1. Style Matters

Style Matters is all about the substance behind developing a personal style in your home and surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that’s meaningful.

Each week, co-hosts and design enthusiasts Karen June Grant and Zandra Zuraw interview style experts about why style matters to them.

With episodes like Foundational Design Lessons, Finding Freedom in Minimalism, and How Your Home Tells Your Story, Style Matters will help you create a home décor style that is an extension of you.
  1. The Slow Home Podcast

The Slow Home Podcast is a show focused on “slowing down, simplifying, and focusing on the things that are truly important”
With episodes on topics such as working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing waste, and buying new things for your home, The Slow Home Podcast is great for anyone who is interested in simple living and slow down in the fast-paced world.