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5 Of The Best Houseplants for Apartment Dwellers

Plants make people happy and are a great addition to any home, but savvy apartment dwellers know that not just any houseplant can thrive in their pad. Apartment plants must be hardy enough to survive low light yet need a bold look for a small space where every addition matters. Here are five of the best houseplants for brightening up your space, purifying your air, and inspiring your décor!

Rex Begonia


Rex Begonias are admired for their fabulous foliage, which often features pink swirls mingle with moody purples and smoky greens and sometimes even metallic shades of silver! Rex Begonias like moderation in all things: light, water, and fertilizer. Easy on the eyes and easy to care for, these beauties are a great houseplant for your apartment.

However, Rex Begonias are toxic to cats and dogs if ingested, so if you have a fur baby, maybe skip this one.

Moth Orchid


Don’t be intimidated by their exotic appearance; moth orchids are great at thriving inside! You are more likely to kill an orchid by overwatering than underwatering, making them a great low-maintenance option. Moth orchids are also especially well-suited for cold days when you're spending a lot of time indoors.

The biggest difference between caring for orchids and other houseplants is that orchids do not grow in soil, but instead require a chunky orchid mix that helps get air to the roots. A tray filled with gravel and water will help with humidity, and a south or east window will keep your moth orchid perky.

What’s more, moth orchids are non-toxic to dogs and cats, so they’re a great option for pet-lovers.



The philodendron is perfect for the busy apartment dwellers and inexperienced plant parents. The plants adapt readily to conditions inside the home and will tell you exactly what it needs! A weekly watering and indirect light is all you need for years of lush growth. 

Large, heart-shaped green leaves tumble freely over the edge of a hanging basket, or, you may choose to train them up a totem pole for a vertical accent.

Philodendrons, are toxic to both cats and dogs.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. These tough plants tolerate lots of abuse, making them excellent candidates for newbie gardeners or those without a green thumb.
Spider plants do not need much water, and they adapt to a range of light conditions (including artificial light).

Spider plants are non-toxic to dogs and cats!

Jade Plant


Caring for a jade plant is easy and simply. Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered to be symbols of good luck. With a little practice, you can even propagate them for super cute gifts.
Jade plants are toxic to both cats and dogs.

Plants can help lower your stress, boost your productivity and purify the air your breath! There are many reasons to bring them into your home. Even in the tightest of corners and the dimly-lit spaces, you can find a houseplants that’s perfect for you and your apartment home.

Are you a plant-lover who has learned how to help your plants thrive in an apartment? Let us know what tips and tricks you have in the comments!